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Halal Certificate

Halal certificate is getting highly in demand as the exportation of the manufactured foods, beverages or cosmetics is in constant increase with the Arab world. The Halal certificate was made as the need of the Arabian market was in need for proof that certifies that the produced products are permissible to use according to the Muslim dietary laws.  The Halal certificate organization are officially authorized and recognized through the Middle Eastern countries and South East Asian Countries to declare that the imported foods, beverages or cosmetics from the United States are fit to their Islamic dietary laws in which they are free from any pork related ingredients or Alcohols.

As the United States is a non-Muslim country not all of its manufactured products procedures follow the Halal standards on the contrary at the Arab countries in which their local regulations and standards are all Islamic.

Here is some tips and information about “What is Halal?”:

Is Halal food standard is different from most of what we manufacture in America?

Well, recently most of American slaughtering houses are using the same method according to Muslim Shari’a as the animal studies should it  is more merciful and less painful to kill animals by slaughtering that straggling nor shooting them and also slaughtering get rid of the blood which enhance microbiological growth.

Is adding Alcohol not Halal?

Absolutely, adding alcohol is Harm “harm = the opposite of halal” to any beverages or food even as flavors, but when it comes to medical purposes it is Halal.

What is the difference between kosher and Halal meat?

Kosher food “the food that was processed according to the rules of Jewish religion” fit with the Islamic religion meat processing rules but not vice versa.

To issue your Halal certificate OR authorize your Halal certificate from the US and legalize it, The The Halal certificate organization will assist you to get Halal certificate as it is a recognized certifier by the foreign government bodies in the Arab countries and also you can visit Halal certificate official website.

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